Software solutions for producing enterprises

Conecting production process with business processes in a company is a basic task of program solution for producing enterprises.

Complexity of the problem demands a special attention while implementing this information system. A wide range of code books, schemes and other tables for process control is typical for this program solution. Great adaptability itself is the main factor which enables application of the universal program solution in various types of production enterprises.

Another important characteristic is that not all the applications concerning recording and accounting of production must be included. Solution modulation enables including the modules necessary for system functioning into the information system. In other words to cover the bottlenecks only.

Smaller companies can decide to use only some segments such as stock control, financial accounting, possiply trade. The accounting schemes can to a great extend cover cost calculations (class 9 accounting) as well. Companies with greater demands can cover other sides of their business operations apart from production and cost accounting. These are: recording business processes, automation of financial operation, various commercial and financial analyses, input and output documentation etc.

Recording of purchase and selling contracting can also be important when talking of production. In that case, the module from which contracts and changes resulting from those contracts are made must be added to the system.

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