Software solutions for retails

Program solution for keeping a file on retails is designed for the companies which include one or more retails and warehouses.

The solution covers all the stages of a business process: from purchase to selling, from POS register to accounting, from warehouses and retails to financial analysis of business results.

Company organization and size, number of warehouses and retails and their size, including a potential facility dislocation have no influence on program solution and conveniences of its usage because those problems can be solved by appropriate system postulation.

POS solution includes data entering via POS unit completely supported by use of cash register (display unit, POS printer, cash drawer). Apart from this, more or less expected segment, the solution developed by AB Soft offers even more possibilities that result from the fact that POS is a component of a business system as a whole. Owing to this, while POS is taking the necessary information from other segments of the system during the working process, the complete control of the data that flow from the POS units into the system is achieved.

POS solution supports work with cash registers with fiscal memory, the use of which is obligatory starting from January 1 2004. Special version was designed to meet the needs of smaller retails such as pharmacies. Apart from standard solutions, this version offers extra possibilities such as processing prescriptions and recording data into the databases of programs for transfer of data into the Fund.

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