Integrated program solutions for warehouses

Program solution for keeping a file on retails is designed for the companies which include one or more retails and warehouses. The solution covers all the stages of a business process: from purchase to selling, from POS register to accounting, from warehouses and retails to financial analysis of business results.

Company organization and size, number of warehouses and retails and their size, including a potential facility dislocation have no influence on program solution and conveniences of its usage because those problems can be solved by appropriate system postulation.

The modulation of solution allows integration of only basic applications for stock controland financial accounting, and for companies with more needs, other modules for business automation of different business processes. This way, companies with greater demands can cover other segments of their business activities like following-up business processes, automation of financial operative units, various commercial and financial analyses, input and output documentation etc.

Since our business package is connected with MS Office, we can also say that AB Soft applications combined with MS Office package allows the platform to show its true power in business context. The convenience of working with MS office tools gets new quality when combined with basis of business changes and flows that is taken from business applications made by AB Soft.

You can get additional opportunities in this part of business by using our B2B Web application, that is integrated in whole Information System. 

Effective dealing with your customers is a key factor in business processes functioning that concerns everyday working of every trade corporation. Including Internet access for your clients can have great influence for improving properties of your work. There is a very good access control established through Windows business applications, and you can include parameters for every customer. 

All customer requirements will be automatically transfer to responsible part of Information System, speeding answer system to such requirements.

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